Recycling Extravaganza Sunday, April 2, 2017









St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

10am – 2pm

Volunteers Needed!

To volunteer at this year’s Recycling Extravaganza, click HERE to complete an easy volunteer form. Thank you for being a part of this unique event! Registration deadline is Friday, March, 17, 2017. 

We’d like to thank our presenting sponsor:

For information about organizations and places to recycle unusual items throughout the year, please contact any of the collectors below:

2017 Collectors 

St. Louis Earth Day & Partner Organizations:

Whole Foods Markets

Items Collected: Corks

Mardi Gras, Inc (314) 771-5110

Items Collected: Mardi Gras beads

 Ameren Missouri (800) 552-7583

Items Collected: Compact fluorescent light bulbs

 MO P2D2 (314) 446-8554

For year-round drop off locations click here

Items Collected:  Prescription and non-prescription unwanted and expired medications | NO illicit or illegal substances, aerosol inhalers or needles accepted| Collection is anonymous, no records are kept, no ID required.

Missouri Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal (Missouri P2D2), a nonprofit organization, provides an environmentally safe alternative to disposing of medications in the landfill or sewer systems that may later negatively effect the environment. This program encourages citizens to remove their unneeded medications from their homes. This reduces access to dangerous medications for accidental or intentional misuse by children in the home. The average amount of unwanted medication that is collected by our program is 3,500 pounds per quarter.

 St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center (636) 227-7095

Items Collected: Teachers Supplies, unbroken crayons/pencils/markers, buttons, non-working pens, Mardi Gras beads, children’s books (no encyclopedias), children’s art supplies, corks, puzzles, costume jewelry, sea shells, yarn, non-working pens.

The St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping creative materials and reusable resources out of landfills and putting them in the hands of children, teachers, artists and others for creative and intellectual development.

Shoeman Water Project (636) 751-8197

Items Collected: Shoes (new and gently used) that are tied or rubber banded together.
These are provided to people in need and sold to support clean water projects around the world.

Living Word UMC- Free the Girls (314) 974-0846

Items Collected: New and slightly used bras.
These are sold by women saved from sex trafficking to provide a safe working environment and income for a better life.

BWorks (314) 827-6640

Items Collected: Bicycles and anything related to bicycles.

St. Louis Bicycle Works, gives kids the chance to earn a free bike while they learn about bicycle safety and maintenance from their volunteers.

ReStore – Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis (314) 678-4576

Items Collected: Most building material, wood/tile flooring that is boxed, light fixtures, tools, cabinets in good condition, small furniture, bathroom fixtures, nails/bolts, blinds, residential doors, double pane windows, etc. Donation Guidelines can be found at:

Our vision for the ReStore comes from a global view of building materials and their role in alleviating substandard housing. The United States has been blessed with an abundance of resources. The volume of home improvement materials that are discarded in this country is overwhelming. The ReStore hopes to be the “destination shop” for anyone needing building materials, but especially for those who are attempting to rehabilitate deteriorating housing stock.

Remains, Inc. (314) 865-0303

Items Collected:  New or Used Clothing / household linens / blankets / towels / draperies and curtains / larger pieces of fabric– Sq. Yd. or Larger (All items dry and not mildewed)• off hangers• unsorted • place in trash bags or baled •
• Not accepted: Small fabric scraps Carpet, rugs, Pillow, cushions
BELTS – Functional (boxed or bagged)
PURSE / HANDBAG / BACK PACKS -functional (boxed or bagged – Gaylord boxes on pallets, if viable)
• Not accepted: Suitcases
TOYS – Functional, soft or hard, less than 12″ (single type toys) • hard toys in boxes, soft toys in trash bags
• Not accepted: Multi piece toys (race tracks, board games and puzzles)
BOOKS – Usable •  Place in boxes, preferably less than 50 lbs., closed tops
• Not accepted: Encyclopedias, reader digests, magazines, damaged books; thin kid’s, Romance soft back

Since 1981 we continue our commitment to reuse and recycle used clothing and textiles. From clothes to bed linens to coffee bean bags, we’ve recycled and repurposed items giving them new life as usable clothing, fiber products, paper products and more!  We process over a tractor trailer load of clothing and textiles per day!

 St. Louis HELP: Health Equipment Lending Program (314) 567-4700

Items Collected: Home Medical Equipment (HME) including, but not limited to, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, grab bars, elevated toilet seats, portable commodes, lift chairs, seating cushions, ROHO cushions, back supports, electric hospital beds, van lifts and stair lifts | Nearly every type of HME | PLEASE NO oxygen canisters and medications.

St. Louis HELP provides anyone in need access to free home medical equipment through our recycle and reuse program, enabling them to live as independently as possible and remain contributing members of the community.

Flooring Systems, Inc. (314) 714-1313

Items Collected: Broadloom Carpet, Carpet tiles, Carpet pads

Midwest Recycling Center (314) 200-9017

Items Collected: Electronics and Anything with a Cord! Appliances – functioning & non-functioning, large & small. Holiday lights, TVs/monitors (see restrictions listed below), Computers & parts, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Electronics, etc., Extension cords, Lab & medical equipment, Lawn & garden equipment (must have oil and fuel removed prior to drop off). NO GAS!

  • UPDATE for 2017! Midwest Recycling Center will need to charge participants for CRT TVs (glass). Cost is $30 for CRT TVs under 27 inches and $50 for CRT TVs over 28 inches. Consoles, DLP and Rear Projection TVs will cost $50 each to recycle. CRT monitors will cost $5 each to recycle. Freon containing units will cost $10 to recycle. See their website for more information:

Central Paper Stock (New in 2017!) (314) 521-8686

Items Collected: Plastic flower pots

Perennial (314) 832-2288

Items Collected: Mirrors (broken is okay), windows (non-tempered only), 100% wool clothing, bed sheets (in any condition), wood (at least 2 ft), t-shirts, white table linens. Perennial is going to try and stick with the specific specifications when collecting items this year.

Foam Products Corporation (314) 739-8100


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