Recycling Extravaganza: REX!

ROGlogoCOLORwED-01Sunday, April 3, 2016   10 am – 2 pm – New date and time!
St. Louis Community College – Forest Park Campus, 5600 Oakland Avenue (map)
Free*  |  Open to the public  |  Bring only items listed below(update to follow)
The Recycling Extravaganza, a collection event for hard-to-recycle items in its sixth year, will be on its very own day to kick off the 2016 Earth month for St. Louis Earth Day!  Below is a list of items that were collected in 2015, including everything from CFL light bulbs and bicycles to used shoes and small appliances. Many of the items and hopefully even more will be collected again in 2016, so check back in early 2016 for an updated list.  Start collecting and planning your spring cleaning accordingly.

2016 Tips for Participating:

  • DO NOT bring materials that are not on the list. If there is no one accepting an item you bring to the event, please keep it in your car.
  • Alkaline batteries will NOT be collected at Recycling Extravaganza because it costs too much money to recycle them and Missouri does not designate them as a hazardous material in modern landfills – some Batteries Plus locations accept small amounts but this is more of “good will” gesture than true recycling. (read more at the Green Resource Answer Service)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, household hazardous waste, paints or liquids.
  • Household Hazardous Waste is NOT collected at Recycling Extravaganza because there are two facilities dedicated and permitted to handle this material in the St. Louis area.
  • *UPDATE!! Midwest Recycling Center will need to charge participants for CRT TVs (glass). Cost is $20 for CRT TVs under 27 inches and $40 for CRT TV’s over 28 inches. Consoles, DLP and Rear Projection TVs will cost $50 each to recycle. CRT monitors will cost $5 each to recycle. LED, LCD or Plasma TV’s  and LED Monitors are collected for free. See their website for more information:
  • Participant Map and Survey: Pack smart! Load your car so that you will be able to access items as you pass the collection points, as ordered below. Download and print our site map and survey (here) and bring it with you to REX.
  • Check back often as this listing may change before the event.

MO American WaterSponsors
Thanks to our sponsors and the wonderful participants from the recycling community, there is no charge for recycling at REX*! (*except certain electronics).

MAP (Updated 2016 map to be available soon) click on map to view |  Scroll down for a list of collectors & items confirmed for 2016. Participant Map and Survey will be posted soon.

2016 Vendors (New map to follow)

St. Louis Earth Day & Partner Organizations

Ameren Missouri
Items Collected: Compact fluorescent light bulbs

Whole Foods Markets
Items Collected: Brita filters

Items Collected:  Prescription and non-prescription unwanted and expired medications | NO illicit or illegal substances, aerosol inhalers or needles accepted| Collection is anonymous, no records are kept, no ID required.

Shoeman Water Project
Items Collected: Shoes (new and gently used) These are sold to support clean water projects around the world.

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center
Items Collected: Teachers supplies, unbroken crayons/pencils/markers, buttons, non-working pens, Mardi Gras beads, children’s books (no encyclopedias), children’s art supplies, corks, puzzles, costume jewelry, sea shells, yarn.

Items Collected: Bicycles and anything related to bicycles | Computer towers

Items Collected: Lumber: boards, trim, decking, hardwood, and plywood | Tools: hand tools, power tools, shop equipment, old man tools, gardening tools | Workshop items: workbenches, shelves, storage bins, crates, and tool boxes | Miscellaneous hardware: fasteners, building supplies, etc.

ReStore – Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis
Items Collected: Building & Construction Materials | Household Supplies (sinks, doors, light fixtures, toilets, etc.) | Anything you might find in a hardware store

St. Louis HELP: Health Equipment Lending Program
Items Collected: Home Medical Equipment (HME) including, but not limited to, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, grab bars, elevated toilet seats, portable commodes, lift chairs, seating cushions, ROHO cushions, back supports, electric hospital beds, van lifts and stair lifts | Nearly every type of HME | PLEASE NO oxygen canisters and medications

Flooring Systems, Inc.
Items Collected: Broadloom carpet | Carpet tiles | Carpet pads

Republic Services
Items Collected: Cardboard and single stream recycling. Providing dumpster and hauling for Expanded Polystyrene to EPC to be densified and recycled.

Items Collected:  Clean Expanded Polystyrene (EPS – “styrofoam”) packaging forms; no cardboard attached. No packing peanuts. Clean foam water cups accepted. No foam food containers. Please bring in open plastic bags which can be viewed to confirm it is only clean foam dropped off for collection.

Midwest Recycling Center
Items Collected: Appliances – functioning & non-functioning, large & small | Holiday lights | TVs/monitors (see restrictions listed below) | Computers & parts | Microwaves | Dishwashers | Refrigerators | Electronics, etc. | Extension cords | Anything with a cord! | Lab & medical equipment | Lawn & garden equip. EMPTY Please! NO GAS

  • UPDATE for 2016!! Midwest Recycling Center will need to charge participants for CRT TVs (glass). Cost is $20 for CRT TVs under 27 inches and $40 for CRT TVs over 28 inches. Consoles, DLP and Rear Projection TVs will cost $50 each to recycle. CRT monitors will cost $5 each to recycle. LED, LCD or Plasma TV’s  and LED Monitors are collected for free. See their website for more information:

Upcycle Treasure Box  (New in 2016)
Items Collected: Empty personal care items (shampoo,lotion,body wash),empty makeup containers,empty toothpaste and used toothbrushes,#6 Solo cups, ink cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players,digital cameras and school supplies

Citishred  (New in 2016)
Service: Paper shredding on-site

Remains, Inc. (New in 2016)
Items Collected:  
NEW OR USED CLOTHING / HOUSEHOLD LINENS / BLANKETS / TOWELS / DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS / LARGER PIECES OF FABRIC – Sq. Yd. or Larger (All items dry and not mildewed)• off hangers• unsorted • place in trash bags or baled •
• Not accepted: Small fabric scraps Carpet, rugs, Pillow, cushions
BELTS – Functional (boxed or bagged)
PURSE / HANDBAG / BACK PACKS -functional (boxed or bagged – Gaylord boxes on pallets, if viable)
• Not accepted: Suitcases
TOYS – Functional, soft or hard, less than 12″ (single type toys) • hard toys in boxes, soft toys in trash bags
• Not accepted: Multi piece toys (race tracks, board games and puzzles)
BOOKS – Usable •  Place in boxes, preferably less than 50 lbs., closed tops
• Not accepted:
o Encyclopedias, reader digests, magazines, damaged books
o thin kid’s , Romance soft back

Bi-State Pet Food Pantry  (New in 2016)
Items Collected: New or opened bags of dog or cat food (opened bags need to be taped shut before donating -within 6 months of sell by date) / gently used or new: leashes, collars, pet food bowls, beds, blankets, toys (for dogs and cats) / unopened cans of wet food and treats (for dogs and cats)

Thies Farm & Greenhouses (New in 2016)
Items Collected: All black, white, green, and orange horticultural plastics numbers 2, 5, and 6, pots, cell packs, and trays. Please remove any wires, plants, and dirt.  NOT Accepted: household plastics

CLICK HERE to download and view a list of items collected by category.

Read about 2015’s REX event.

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