Wish List


  • 10′ x 10′ canopy tent for waste station
  • 6′ – 8′ plastic folding tables for waste stations
  • hose & spray handle for washing ROG equipment
  • Heavy duty carts for hauling materials at events
  • Headlamps for those late evening event cleanups!
  • Portable projector screen
  • Watt Meter
  • Air Quality Monitor

So you are moving out or maybe just moved in to a new place and you have extra “stuff.” What can you do with it? We may be able to use your eco-friendly surplus products in our new office! With our move, we’re in need of a few things to help us get settled into our office and enhance our ability to implement our programs in the most effective and efficient ways possible. If you have any of the following items which you would like to donate, please contact Kathy at 314.282.7533 to arrange pick up or drop off. THANK YOU!

We Need:

  • clock
  • book shelves
  • office supplies, all types!
  • art for the walls
  • copy machine in good working order, please!
  • office sign to identify our new space from the street
  • plants (low maintenance, please) to spruce up our new office & improve air quality
  • cleaning tools like rags, broom & dust pan, sponges, vacuum, hand towels, dusting wands, magic wand
  • easel for brainstorming paper
  • cork bulletin and/or dry erase boards (all sizes!)
  • teas and coffees
  • hand towels and kitchen towels
  • baby gate (to partition office dogs if needed)
  • drawer/shelf organizers
  • toolbox (with tools!)If you have an interest in making a tax deductible donation please see our donate page, or contact Jen at director@stlouisearthday.org.