Event Greening Workshop


2014 Workshop

Friday, January 24, 2014
8:30am – 2:30pm
William Kerr Foundation
21 O’Fallon Street
St. Louis, MO 63102-2219

EVENT TOPIC: Waste Reduction & Diversion
The main focus of this workshop is waste management: working with vendors and sponsors to reduce waste, and planning and on-site implementation for recycling, composting and cooking oil collection. You will leave with a copy of our Green Event Tool Kit with templates you can edit and use, and a greater understanding of the event waste industry–where does it come from and where does it go?

2014 Workshop Agenda

Networking and check-in begins at 8:30am and the program will conclude at 2:30pm; however, if you would like to meet with St. Louis Earth Day staff one-on-one to discus specific challenges or ideas for your event, please mention that in the comments section of your registration form. We will meet with events one-on-one until 3:30pm, once the formal program concludes. We can only accept 4 reservations for these sessions, so be sure to mention it in your registration. If there is extra time, we will meet with others on a first-come-first-serve basis if time allows.


About the Workshop

Throughout our Recycling On the Go season, we work with event organizers to green their operations and facilitate the waste diversion effort. Six years and over 150 events later, we feel like it’s time to share our experiences so that more events in the St. Louis region can reduce their environmental impact without compromising budgetary restraints.

More and more often event-goers are expecting to see recycling, and even composting, at the festivals they attend. We invite your event to take on the ROG Challenge and start greening your operations by diverting the recyclables collected at your event from the landfill.

This workshop is a way to help events plan for implementing sustainability approaches to multiple aspects of their event logistics. At the workshop, learn about event-greening techniques for different aspects of event logistics and learn about waste diversion strategies from industry experts. The workshop is also an opportunity for participants to share their successes and challenges with fellow event-planners to promote a more supportive community for sustainable event-planning in St. Louis. A portion of the day will be spent in focus groups examining participant’s events, establishing green goals and discussing tailored strategies.

An example of resources that will be shared at the workshop is a comprehensive guide for event sustainability, which all starts by asking these questions.

Goal setting and sharing best practices with other event organizers at the 2012 workshop.

“The St. Louis Earth Day Event-Greening Workshop was a great opportunity to learn about waste management and how to execute a green event plan in an environment that facilitated networking with local vendors and like-minded professionals. Guest speakers helped my understanding of the waste stream. Now, not only do I make better trash sorting decisions, but I also fully realize the importance of it. Within a few months we tested the templates and strategies provided by SLED and found them to be easy and effective. At the workshop, I developed contacts with event planners working towards the same goals and vendors willing to help, both of which have been crucial to rolling out the program and working out the kinks.”

Stewart Wolfe  |  Festivals – Tours, Schlafly Beer

Workshop Topics

  • Establish/Improve Recycling
  • Establish/Improve Composting
  • Sustainable/Local Materials Sourcing
  • Vendor Communications
  • Establishing/Expanding “Green” Guidelines
  • Alternatives to Bottled Water
  • Increasing Local/Organic Food Options
  • Sustainable Transportation Access
  • Energy Options
  • Green Event Publicity