A year-round organization, we work to improve the environmental quality of the region by providing expertise and resources through the following programs:

ROGlogoCOLORwED-01Recycling On the Go

St. Louis Earth Day’s Recycling On the Go is the region’s first large-scale event recycling program. It reduces the negative environmental impact of events and festivals by reducing and recycling a portion of the waste they generate. Since 2007, we have diverted approximately 463 tons of materials from area landfills, enhanced the waste management of 650 events, and exposed approximately 8 million people to recycling when away from home. Click here for a snapshot of where we were in 2016.

  • Full Service Event Greening
    Addresses the negative environmental impact of large festivals and events by providing event consultancy and waste management support for all types of events–beginning to end. As a business, consider utilizing ROG at your company functions.
  • Do-It-Yourself Event Recycling
    Allows access to our fleet of recycling and compost bins by small event organizers and community groups through our bin loan membership program. Perfect for fundraisers and church gatherings!

GDA_fullcolor-01Green Dining Alliance

The mission of this new, innovative program is to reduce the environmental impact of restaurants in St. Louis. We place strong emphasis on reducing, recycling and composting restaurant waste as well as sourcing sustainable food, to-go ware and cleaning supplies. Since the beginning of 2012, GDA has helped 55 local restaurants green their practices and diverted approximately 800 tons of restaurant waste. Read more…