Educational Activities

Environmental education and hands-on learning is a key component of the Festival. Many of the hands-on environmental education activity booths are clustered in the Youth Corner, a space where children and young adults can explore the art and science of Earth Day. In the program, look for the hand print stamp to easily find kid-friendly programs. They are scattered throughout all Experience areas! Refer to the map to locate booths.

KF=Kid Friendly

Additional activities are listed under Special Programming. View our Family Guide to quickly identify kid-friendly activities & plan your family’s visit.


Crown Tiger Sanctuary [KF]
Preserving Wildlife – simple games for all ages to learn how changing one aspect of the ecosystem will affect the entire balance within nature.  Nature 09

Endangered Wolf Center [KF]
Howl for Wolves Learn how wolves communicate with each other, what sounds they make and why.  Nature 10-12

Greenway Network [KF]
Sun Painting – Make a fabric painting using the power of the sun while learning about invasive species like honeysuckle that block the sun.  Nature 24

Love Your Great Rivers [KF]
5 River advocate groups – 1 Mississippi, 1 Woman 3 Great Rivers Project, Big Muddy Adventures, Mississippi River Water Trail, and Greenway Network – have come together to celebrate our great rivers with an abundance of activities!  Learn Leave No Trace principles, climb in a 30 ft. canoe, sun painting, and kayaks are all in one place in the Nature Experience.  Nature 24-33

Missouri Department of Conservation [KF]
Decorate a tree cookie – Learn what a tree cookie is and what information that it gives you about the tree. Also, we will be providing native tree seedlings to participants until then are gone.  Nature 22

Missouri Department of Natural Resources [KF]
Think Global, Act STL Environmental Awareness Quiz – Take the environmental awareness quiz to learn more about how you can keep our local environment healthy. Participants will learn about water pollution, air pollution, and conservation of natural resources. There will also be free environmental awareness coloring books for children and a free crayon made from recycled crayons.  Nature 15-16

River Kids [KF]
Interactive Stream Table Presentations – Using a hands-on working model of a stream, work together to explore the anatomy of a healthy river as well as the many effects, both good and bad, that humans may have upon river systems. Activity sessions will last approximately 15 minutes and will be offered every half hour.  Youth Corner 10-11

Rippl3D – 3D printing competitions, SCOPE make 3D glasses and Art, 4-H robotics, Sea Perch Robotics, University of Central Missouri educational activities and more. St Louis Metro ARES will be bringing their Amateur Radio Emergency Service radio program.  Sponsor Row 18

Saint Louis FC [KF]
Soccer “shoot-out” – Come play a soccer game and learn about healthy living and the importance of fitness.  Youth Corner 19-20

Saint Louis Science Center [KF]
EVie the electric vehicle exhibit – EVie is a fully electric moving truck full of hands-on interactive exhibits dealing with energy basics, energy production including green energy and electric vehicles versus combustion vehicles. Plus, an interactive game from the Science Center’s newest gallery, GROW!  Transportation 01

Saint Louis Space Frontier [KF]
Be Like An Astronaut! – Discover your weight on the moon, earth and mars and find out about how the recycle, renew, reuse technology today was first developed by our space program.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 08

Saint Louis Zoo Green Team [KF]
Local Wildlife Conservation –
 Build a Bee Block (10-11:30 am), Turtle Tracking (11:30 am-1 pm), Hellbender Search (1-2:30 pm), Burying Beetles (2:30-4 pm), Native Birds and frogs of Forest Park (4-5:30 pm).  Youth Corner 12-13


Better Business Bureau
Green Washing: Many products advertise themselves as being green– but are they really? BBB’s booth will teach you how to recognize advertising with misleading claims about the environmental impact of the product advertised. Sponsor Row 13

Demonstration of how to make a DIY Pallet Compost Bin. You’ll learn how to build a single bin, as well as a two or three section bin that you’ll be able to use to keep your compost going strong all year. You’ll learn where to find the best pallets, how to construct the bins and simple modifications to make your bins even better!  In the middle of the Big Field

Integral Ecovillage Solutions [KF]
Healthy Planet Starts Here – Pick their favorite healthy food, activity or place and add one or more pictures to a big collage.Learn about actions they might invite their friends to take with them, like eating healthier, recycling, composting, walking more, etc.  We will also invite everyone to write a short letter to their member of Congress, telling them why a healthy planet is important to them.  Wellness 07

Missouri State Parks [KF]
How Long Does It Last? – Participants will learn the importance of disposing of trash properly and to make a more informed choice when purchasing different products and the long term affect on the environment.  Nature 17

Saint Louis Animal Rights Team [KF]
The Environmental and Health Benefits of a Plant-based Diet – Through our educational, informational, and interactive activities, we hope to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet, while simultaneously encouraging visitors to embrace a healthy, plant-based diet.  Youth Corner 06

St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Missouri P2D2
Medication disposal: Learn how to safely dispose of medications at home and whether or not prescription packaging can be recycled. Go home with your own medication disposal kit.  Recycle 07

Saint Louis Public School [KF]
Go Green Challenge – The focus is to use hands on, project based STEM learning to encourage students and staff to: 1) Reduce consumption and cost, 2) Stop the wasting of resources, and become better steward of our environment.  Recycle 01-02

Saint Louis Science Center [KF]
Build Your Meal – “Build” a meal with the plastic food items and use data to add the carbon emissions that would be produced in the process of bring the food to your table. How can we be environmentally conscious and health conscious with our focus of food to plate learning.  With the EVie truck in Transportation 01

U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter [KF]
Green Buildings Are Better! – Green Schools Quest – learn about sustainability projects that have taken place at over 40 local k-12 schools and how their school can take action on implementing a sustainability project. Create a Carbon Footprint & Commitment Statement.  Use a hand-powered ‘energy bike’ to help understand how much power it takes to light a light bulb.  Youth Corner 15

Weldon Spring Site [KF]
Lessons from the Weldon Spring Site – Play a beanbag toss game to discover the site history, remediation, and restoration of nature. Learn lessons from the massive environmental cleanup at the Weldon Spring Site and directly apply them to everyday practices at home in order to protect the environment.  
Youth Corner 05


Eco Chic Market [KF]
Plant It’s Paper- Make & Take Wildflower Pot – Decorate a biodegradable pot and then fill it with composted soil and wildflower paper to take home and grow wildflowers.   Youth Corner 04

Gateway Greening [KF]
Seed Starting – Take the first step to grow your own food by planting a seed to take home. Grab a vegetable planting guide for St. Louis and instructions on how to care for your seedling; you are on your way to becoming more involved in the local food system!  Youth Corner 18

Missouri Native Wildflower Seed Bombs [KF]
Make Your Own Seed Bombs – Have good clean fun using paper mache and water to make Seed Bombs for the kids!  Youth 09

St. Louis Language Immersion School [KF]
Sustainability – A Trip Around the World – Learn how people in other countries “go green,” and how our actions impact our environment.  And make a seed bomb to take home.  Youth Corner 07

The Sunshine Cultural Arts Center
In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors – Brief hands on learning opportunities of West African drumming rhythms.   Youth Corner 08


Upcycled Crafts – You’ll never look at your trash can or recycling bin the same again after seeing how easy it is to transform ‘waste’ materials into something useful.  Recycle 04

Sew Good and Trendy [KF]
Creating Wearable Blossoms from Upcycled Materials – Transform ‘scrap’ fabric into stylish and unique wearable blossoms.  Arts & Crafts 05

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc [KF]
Mind Full of Words – A journal making station for parents and make a word bank activity out of reusable resources for children.  Youth Corner 23