Educational Activities

Environmental education and hands-on learning is a key component of the Festival. Many of the hands-on environmental education activity booths are clustered in the Youth Corner, a space where children and young adults can explore the art and science of Earth Day. In the program, look for the hand print stamp to easily find kid-friendly programs. They are scattered throughout all Experience areas! Map coming soon

KF=Kid Friendly

Additional activities are listed under Special Programming. View our Family Guide to quickly identify kid-friendly activities & plan your family’s visit.

Absolute Martial Arts [KF]
Martial Arts Techniques  Children will learn basic coordination as well as focus and discipline while having fun and staying fit and healthy.  Youth Corner 21

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority [KF]
The Infamous Ivy  Learn all about the benefits of plants on the environment – specifically the ivy leaf. Participate in games and take home seedlings to plant!  Nature 24

Arizmendi Ecovillage
Reclaiming Our Democracy  Take action about the things you are concerned about in a way that is empowering and productive; write a short note to your member of Congress.  Social Sustainability 07

Big Muddy Adventures [KF]
Big Muddy Adventures Voyager Canoe  Hop in the canoe and grab a paddle to learn about big river canoeing. Having paddled 1000s of miles on the great rivers, the Junebug I and the staff of BMA will educate festival goers about the true greatness of these “great” rivers and how lucky we are to have them in the St. Louis region.  Nature 28-30

Center for Biological Diversity
Become a Wildlife Warrior
 Write a postcard to engage your state senators directly in calling for resistance to anti-environmental legislation and pledging to stand up for the environment and our civil liberties.  Nature 20

COMpanion KOMbucha
Fermentation Station
  Learn how food ferments in nature by using the yeast found in the air, the history of fermentation throughout the ages, and demonstrations will provide you with the knowledge to begin fermentation at home.  Earth Day Cafe 21

Complete Harmony [KF]
Mindfulness Masterpiece  Create a masterpiece from recycled objects to practice mindfulness and be in the moment. Slow down and create something that is unique to you. This activity allows children and teens to think creatively with the given materials to find new ways to use every day items that may be recycled. Creating anything from a robot to an earth saving mantra is a simple reminder that you are powerful enough to make a difference.  Youth Corner 7

Crown Tiger Sanctuary [KF]
Preserving Wildlife – Interactive question/matching game, youth will be able to identify our cats and match given information to the appropriate cat.  Nature 5

Dogtown Ecovillage [KF]
Mini Ecovillage  Learn how to work together to build sustainability in our neighborhood and our region. There will be a variety of activities about native plants, native bees, urban chickens, composting, and much more!  Youth Corner 1-2

EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden [KF]
EarthWays Educational Programming  Participants will discover things they can do to live green, including how choices they make impact clean air, water and soil. Through this discovery they will learn about how to positively have an impact on these resources through recycling, waste minimization, composting, energy conservation, etc.  Youth Corner 16

Endangered Wolf Center [KF]
Howl for Wolves   Make a Wolf Howl Kazoo. Learn how wolves and other canids communicate. Then try to communicate with each other using only sounds created by your kazoo. Experience how and why wolves communicate with each other.  Nature 1-3

Farmer Girl Meats [KF]
Sustainable Eating  See and hold humane & sustainably raised chickens. Learn the importance of choosing food sources that use sustainable and non-wasteful practices that help support a green food system. Social Sustainability S-5

Gateway Greening [KF]
Seed Starting  A hands-on activity that will teach kids of all ages how to start a food plant from seed. A variety of seeds for kids to choose from and the earth friendly supplies needed for planting will be provided as well as a planting calendar for them to take home with their plant to know when the best time to seed, transplant, harvest, etc.  Youth Corner 18

Hansen’s Tree Service & Environmental Resources [KF]
Hansen’s Kidz Zone  Multiple education stations – planting seeds, playground mulch “sandbox,” story time, etc. will help participants understand what TREE-Cycling is and, while we can’t save every tree, the products produced can be used to feed other trees and plants. You can be a tree doctor and investigate the Emerald Ash Borer and the devastating impact it is having on the species.  Youth Corner 4-5

Living Tree Care [KF]
How to Save Your Ash Tree and More  Color the Tree Toons and play a game to learn to identify an ash tree.  Identify Emerald Ash Borer disease and visually see the two methods of treatment. An easy preventative treatment and a little more technical treatment that can save a tree even after it is first infected.  Nature 33-34 (in the big tree grove)

Missouri Department of Conservation [KF]
Decorate a tree cookie  Learn what a tree cookie is and what information it gives you about the tree. Also, we will be providing native tree seedlings to participants until then are gone.  Nature 14

Missouri Department of Natural Resources [KF]
Environmental Awareness Quiz  Take the environmental awareness quiz to learn more about how you can keep our local environment healthy and earn a prize! Learn about water pollution, air pollution, and conservation of natural resources. There will also be free environmental awareness coloring books for children and a free crayon made from recycled crayons.  Nature 8-9

Missouri Farmers Care
Soil to Spoon  Create corn and soybean plastic, plant seeds, and examining soil profiles. Learn about food and it’s connection to sustainability, by exploring food sources and plant growth within soil profiles.  Come make a “Circles of the Earth” bracelet   Energy 6-7

New City School River Kids [KF]
Get with the Flow – How to Maintain Healthy Rivers   Build and explore a hands-on, working model of a river to learn about the anatomy of a healthy river system and the many factors that may have an impact on our rivers. With the help of River Kids presenters, participants will adjust variables and discuss visible impacts to the model, as well as how those impacts mirror what we see in the natural world when humans interact with rivers.  Youth Corner 12-13

Perennial [KF]
Upcycled Crafts  You’ll never look at your trash can or recycling bin the same again after seeing how easy it is to transform ‘waste’ materials into something useful.  Recycle 4

Saint Louis Animal Rights Team [KF]
The Environmental and Health Benefits of a Plant-based Diet  Through educational, informational, and interactive activities, we hope to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet, while simultaneously encouraging visitors to embrace a healthy, plant-based diet.  Youth Corner 06

Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center and the World Chess Hall of Fame [KF]
Open Chess Play  Participants learn to think before they make a move. Learn to consider the impact that your actions have on the bigger picture – in this case a game of chess!  Youth Corner 22

St. Louis Children’s Hospital [KF]
Decorate a Reusable Lunch Bag  A unique way to display your artwork while taking a tasty lunch on the go! Receive a recipe card that lists ideas to create a healthy lunch. Or spin the wheel to learn the importance of the five food groups that are the building blocks for healthy eating habits and how to grow some at home!  Youth Corner 20

St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Medication Disposal  Learn how to safely dispose of medications at home and whether or not prescription packaging can be recycled. Go home with your own medication disposal kit.  Recycle 3

Saint Louis Science Center [KF]
The Wheel of Agriculture  Come try the marvelous Wheel of Agriculture to learn about various agriculture topics such as composting, germination, soil, pollination and more! There will be examples of important plants in Missouri and how others can get involved in sustainability practices.  Farmer’s Market 6

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center [KF]
The Great Green ReRead Outside  Gently used children’s book giveaway  Sponsor Row 10 (Van Go)

Saint Louis Zoo [KF]
St. Louis Zoo Conservation 
Stop by to do fun, hand-on activities while learning about 8 of the 13 WildCare Institute conservation projects, both local and international. Participants will measure, they will learn about telemetry devices used in the field to locate animals in the wild, they will use their engineering skills to build bee blocks for native bee, and learn about programs that can help them become citizen scientists.  Youth Corner 23

Saint Louis Zoo & PGAV Destinations [KF]
Pollinator Cafe  Learn about the role of pollinators in our food. Select your entree and figure out which pollinators are needed to produce that food. At end, get a free seed packet for starting your own pollinator garden.  Home & Pets 8-9

Shoeman Water Projects [KF]
The Weight of Water  Containers of varying sizes filled with water demonstrate how hard people in developing communities are working to collect contaminated water. Attendees will be encouraged to pick up the containers to get a sense of the weight of the water and imagine what it would be like to carry the water for miles a day.  Social Sustainability 3

Stream Teams United
Living Rivers: Not-So-Creepy Critters  Live aquatic invertebrates that can be found in a stream near you to touch or hold! Learn how your actions can influence the survival of these not-so-creepy critters. Learn how the chemicals we use in our homes and yards can reach streams where the invertebrates live. Learn how road salt makes makes water toxic for aquatic invertebrates.  Nature 26

U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter [KF]
Green Buildings Are Better!  Use a hand-powered ‘energy bike’ to help understand how much power it takes to light a light bulb.  Green Schools Quest – learn about sustainability projects that have taken place at over 40 local k-12 schools and how their school can take action on implementing a sustainability project. Create a Carbon Footprint & Commitment Statement.  Youth Corner 17

Weldon Spring Site [KF]
Lessons from the Weldon Spring Site  Play a beanbag toss game to discover the site history, remediation, and restoration of nature. Learn lessons from the massive environmental cleanup at the Weldon Spring Site and directly apply them to everyday practices at home in order to protect the environment.  
Youth Corner 3

Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center [KF]
Nature Scavenger Hunt  Come play a nature-themed bingo scavenger hunt or an “I Spy” game. We will also have a building block demonstration of how ecosystems are interdependent systems, and to explain keystone species. Adults can learn about sustainable palm oil.  Nature 32

Wildlife Rescue Center [KF]
Our Wild World  Engage in this activity to learn to identify native wild animals that live in your neighborhood, and about urban habitats and wild neighbors.  Nature 12

YMCA Community Development [KF]
Earth Day Global Cardboard Challenge  Participants can explore creative solutions to social and environmental challenges and issues. Using cardboard and other recyclable materials, participants will create a sustainable solution to an environmental issue (Urban Design) using a design thinking model and creative play.  Youth Corner 10-11