Earth Day Challenge

The Earth Day Challenge is a great way for you to take action at the Festival. Complete two of the following three tasks, and you have met the Earth Day Challenge:

  1. Bring a bottle to re-fill with water at the Festival.  There will be water stations throughout the event grounds, which are also marked on our map.  Some vendors will have water jugs at their booths as well!
  2. Bring a bag that will be used to carry any purchases or give-a-ways that you acquire at the Festival. Plastic bags are so passe, so help us grow the re-usable bag phenomenon.
  3. Use low impact transport to the Festival:  ride the Metro (bus and/or train), ride your bike, or walk. You can find out more details about getting to the Festival on our Planning Your Visit webpage.

Visitors who accomplish two of the three challenges will receive an eco-friendly prize when you check-in at the Earth Day Challenge Booth located near the Information Booth at Theater Dr./Pagoda intersection.  Prizes are first come, first served, while supplies lasts.  One prize per participant.

Those who completed the Earth Day Challenge claiming a prize.

Remember – you can take the ultimate Earth Day Challenge by making every day Earth Day.  Reusing bags, saying NO to bottled water, and using sustainable transportation options are simple and impactful things that individuals can do to make a world of difference!

The 2017 Earth Day Challenge is presented by Metro Lighting.

Prizes offered include:

We are very grateful to the Earth Day vendors, sponsors and partners who have made contributions to the Earth Day Challenge incentive prizes!