Youth Educational Activities

The 26th annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival is Sunday, April 26, 2015. Don’t miss out:

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Environmental education and hands on learning is a key component of the Festival. This Experience area will get a new look in 2015–more details to come! Additional activities are listed under Special Programming. View our Family Guide to quickly identify kid-friendly activities & plan your family’s visit.



Culver Way Ecovillage (Energy & Green Building Neighborhood)
Let Our Voices Be Heard: Do you know who your elected Representatives are? Take the mystery out of writing letters to the politicians who represent your interests and encourage them to pass legislation that ensures environmental sustainability and human health. After all, the environment effects us all – these are bi-partisan issues!

Missouri Department of Natural Resources – St. Louis Regional Office (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
What is your Environmental IQ? Take a quiz accessing your environmental awareness and learn about every day actions you can do to make a difference on a daily basis.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Missouri State Parks (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
“Leave No Trace” Camping: Learn how to set up a campsite and pitch a tent as well as how to incorporate the seven principles of “Leave No Trace” camping ethics.


Dancing Rabbit (Energy & Green Building Neighborhood)
Sustainable Living: Learn the in’s and out’s of how this intentional community is changing the status quo through comprehensive green living. Demonstrations about Natural Building will be happening.  This involves making earthen plaster from sand, clay and water, then applying it by hand to straw bales.

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
RainScaping for Water Quality: Evaluate different sustainable landscaping options like rain gardens, bioswales and diverse plantings to intercept and disperse rain as it falls, and increase water absorption by soil and plants.

Gateway Greening (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Seed Starting: Start a cool or warm season crop in a compressed peat moss pot. After reviewing basic plant needs and discerning the difference between cool and warm season fruits and vegetables, gather essential plant maintenance tips, harvesting information and general gardening insights.

St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Utilizing Urban Wood Waste: Observe many examples of how the Parks Department utilizes urban wood waste in park development such as kiosk, signs, benches and historical construction as part of their sustainable woodland management program.


Casa de Ninos Montessori Academy (Arts & Crafts Neighborhood)
Maraca Fun with Reused Materials: Children will utilize re-purposed materials to create beautiful maracas that are used to make music and dance.

Genevieve Esson Art (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Neighborhood)
Rain Barrel Murals: Help local artist Genevieve Esson decorate three rain barrels with original designs, paint-by-numbers style. By the end of the day, the collective contributions of Festival attendees will result in beautiful and functional rain barrels!

Greenway Network (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Sun Painting with Invasive Plant Species: Create a sun painting using invasive plant species leaves to form a light impression on fabric.

Perennial (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Neighborhood)
Upcycled Crafts: Make a matchbook memo-pad from reclaimed paper or a tug-toy for your dog from old t-shirts. You’ll never look at your trash can or recycling bin the same again after seeing how easy it is to transform ‘waste’ into something useful.

Sew Good and Trendy (Arts & Crafts Neighborhood)
Cloth Blossoms: Transform ‘scrap’ fabric into stylish and unique wearable flowers.


Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Tiger Trivia: Test your matching skills in the Tiger Stripe Matching Game, learn about tiger habitat loss and touch real tiger teeth, claws and whiskers.

Endangered Wolf Center (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Wolf Turf – Can Your Pack Survive? Play an active game, “Wolf Turf”, where each ‘pack’ will need to hunt to feed all its members.

River Hills Traveler (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
The Land and Life of Missouri Karst: Learn about caves, springs, rivers and karst of Eastern and South Central Missouri, discover how these landscapes occur and why they are excellent recreational lands, but vulnerable to groundwater pollution and misuse.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Bird Beak Buffet: Discover how bird beaks have evolved according to their food sources by experimenting with household items that mimic beak shapes to pick up different types of food.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Nature & Outdoor Recreation Neighborhood)
Wildlife Depend on Healthy Watersheds: Learn about the importance of wetlands in a watershed and discover three National Wildlife Refuges in the St. Louis area. Before you leave, sign up for a Missouri River clean up to help protect the animals and plants that depend on this ecosystem.