We are grateful for the many ways our supporters and volunteers help throughout the year. We will never turn down someone wishing to volunteer at a waste sorting station at an event, or host a “dine out” for the Green Dining Alliance, but are asking now for your help, using the tools at your fingertips, to spread the word about all of the great work we do throughout the year!

Part of the mission of St. Louis Earth Day is to engage–with individuals, facebook-screenshotbusinesses, governments, schools and the non-profit sector, to which we also belong. We don’t have a fancy budget for advertising, mailing solicitations to potential donors, or PAYING Facebook to allow our posts to be seen by the very individuals who’ve “liked” or “followed” our page. Of the approximately 3500 Facebook users who have “liked” our page, roughly:

  • 50-100 see an update from us if we share a link to an event or opportunity in which we think our followers would like to participate.
  • 120-300 see a picture we post.
  • 75-100 see an informational post with no picture or link.

We send out a whopping 2 newsletters per month, one for St. Louis Earth Day and one specifically for the Green Dining Alliance, so you know you are only getting timely and relevant communication from us regularly. We post links to both newsletters on social media as well in order to reach those who’ve not yet signed up to receive our newsletters via email.

Rather than paying for advertising, we’d prefer to invest in our programs (Green Dining Alliance, Recycling On the Go, Earth Day Festival, Earth Day Symposium, and Earth Day Action Grants), and NOT pay Facebook to allow our posts to be seen, or purchase mailing lists, or print and mail fancy solicitations…

There are alternate ways for our supporters to help us stay true to our mission of engaging with the public.

Here is how you can volunteer:

  • Forward our newsletters to everyone you know who might be interested in our work, and encourage them to sign up to receive the newsletter themselves.
  • Engage with us on Facebook and other social media. “Like,” “Share,” comment on and “Re-tweet” our posts. The greater the engagement, the wider the reach for our messages.
  • In general, let others know you support St. Louis Earth Day, and tell them WHY!
  • Encourage your friends to invest in our work with a small (or large!) donation during the giving season.

If you are interested in advancing the mission of St. Louis Earth Day in this way, contact jen@stlouisearthday.org.

Earth Day Half Birthday is October 22nd.

October 17, 2014

It’s been 6 months since Earth Day…how are you living Earth Day Every Day? We celebrate our Half Birthday to encourage others to join us as we re-focus on our mission and build the momentum leading to the 2015 Earth Day Festival. Start planning your involvement by registering your business or organization for a booth […]

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St. Louis Earth Day Board names new President, Traci Lichtenberg

October 14, 2014

The St. Louis Earth Day Board of Directors is happy to announce the election of Traci Lichtenberg as their new President. Traci joined the St. Louis Earth Day Board of Directors in 2011 and has been very involved in the planning of the Earth Day Symposium for the past three years. Previously she has also […]

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Green Business Challenge

September 8, 2014

On Friday, September 5th, St. Louis Earth Day participated in a green business expo, hosted by the Green Business Challenge (a program of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and the Missouri Botanical Garden). Participants who attended the seminar prior to the expo were treated to a keynote address by Tim Murch, President and CEO of MMMM, a […]

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2014 ROG Explosion

September 3, 2014

Before we knew it, people began catching on to what we were trying to do… In the world of Recycling On the Go, the busy months of August and September are seeing double the festival participation over last year. We thought we were busy in 2013, but in August 2014 we provided full recycling and […]

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