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by Marketing Intern on July 28, 2017

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My name is Rachel Price, and I am the St. Louis Earth Day summer Marketing. Since I’m new to St. Louis, I thought I would spend some personal time this summer exploring, and specifically trying to visit as many Green Dining Alliance Restaurants as I could to further help me understand the role of St. Louis Earth Day in our community. I’ll write about GDA-certified restaurants I visit this summer, and my impressions of how they implement “green” strategies into their operations.

Baileys’ Range, that is. With the need to satisfy a major burger craving, I made my way to Baileys’ Range on 10th and Olive St in the heart of Downtown St. Louis.



Second stop: Baileys’ Range

Location: Downtown St. Louis

Genre: American (Burgers & Shakes)

GDA Rating: 


Before I moved to St. Louis, I was fully aware of the awesomeness that is Baileys’ restaurants. Baileys’ Range and Rooster, a GDA certified sister restaurant, were at the top of my list of must try St. Louis favorites. The two didn’t disappoint, and Baileys’ Range quickly became my go-to downtown burger spot.

Re-purposed windows serve as a divider between the kitchen and the dining room.

Baileys’ Range is “in your face” sustainable – but in the best way possible. Re-purposed window frames hang from the ceiling creating a patterned floating wall dividing the kitchen from the restaurant, and painted metal canisters act as light fixtures above tables. It’s rustic, with a gastropub vibe.

And lets not forget the use of glass mason jars for beverages and (aluminum?) trays and utensils, both recyclable materials. Baileys’ Range screams “we care about sustainability!” immediately upon entering, and I couldn’t help but feel great about dining at such a sustainably conscious establishment.

I must say, after eating at Baileys’ Range for the first time, I prefer eating local and house made. Baileys’ makes it’s sauces and buns (including pretzel and beer buns!) in house, gathering ingredients from local Missouri farms. All beef and pork are sourced locally as well from Rain Crow Ranch and Todd Geisert Farms, two name a few.

Baileys’ PB&J burger

I tried a burger (of course) dubbed the PB&J. It. Was. Awesome. The cheese lover in me obsessed over the copious amounts of goat cheese, and the arugula pesto, made in house, was great as well. This time around (I’ve had this before – it is quite possibly my favorite burger at Baileys’) I substituted the bison patty for a beef patty in an effort have a locally sourced product. It was clearly fresh, not frozen.

House made salted caramel shake

For Dessert – a Salted Carmel shake. And to add to the homemade touch, Baileys’ ice cream is made in house as well, with real sugar and real ingredients.

As noted on the Green Dining Alliance website, Baileys’ Range does an incredible job reducing waste, earning them 5 stars in Recycling & Waste Reduction, buying local produce and meats whole and in bulk, as well as re-purposing materials for decor.

Bravo to Baileys’ for creating unique, sustainable dining spots. When in the Downtown area, make sure to stop by Baileys’ Range for a burger and shake (or a boozy shake at that!).








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