Greening construction sites, one home at a time

by Marketing Intern on June 12, 2017

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St. Louis Earth Day celebrates the positives in our community. We recently learned that McBride & Sons Homes was using Green2Go’s Evergreen “clean” generators at all of their building sites. Congratulations on making the decision to reduce pollution from all of your building sites!

With the use of eco-friendly power sources, construction companies are greening up their work sites and changing the game for home builders in the area.

Construction sites can be environmental nightmares – from the burning of hazardous fossil fuels, to the tons of waste that inevitably end up in landfills. But, with the help of Green2Go clean burning generators, St. Louis family home builders, McBride & Sons Homes, are improving the lives of St. Louis natives, even before construction begins.

Green2Go first debuted clean burning propane generators at the 2015 Earth Day Festival. As the first portable generator to utilize clean burning LPG fuel (liquefied petroleum gas, or propane), Green2Go’s Evergreen generators minimize the amount of pollutants entering and damaging the ozone layer while providing longer lasting energy.

Since 2016, McBride & Sons have used EverGreen generators at dozens of their work sites. The propane generators produce 75% less emissions, and use only 3 quarts of oil compared to the 4 gallons used in diesel generators – eliminating the possibility of oil spills, and improving air quality in and around construction sites.

Not to mention, these propane generators weigh significantly less than typical diesel generators, and can be hauled to and from work sites with only a small pick up truck – keeping larger trucks off the road and hazardous diesel pollutants from entering the air.

McBride & Sons proves that just one change in using clean energy can have a dramatic and lasting impact on the environment. As their mission states, “Growth and profitability must be viewed and managed from the long-term perspective. We will adhere to our long-range goals and ideals, never compromising them for short-term purposes.” Thank you, McBride & Sons, for leading the charge in cleaning up construction sites, and for making St. Louis a greener place!

If you know about a big change someone has made to promote environmentalism, let us know and we will blog it! Consider a donation to St. Louis Earth Day so we may continue HELPING YOU MAKE ST LOUIS GREENER!

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