All Species Parade

by Jeanette on March 2, 2012

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The All Species Parade was organized for the St. Louis Earth Day celebration of 1990 with the slogan “Make A Change.” It has continued to dance its way through every festival since. In recent years, the parade has kicked off the Festival, led by the Joia World Percussion Ensemble.  This year we will collect followers and lead them to the Earth Day Main Stage to hear the Honorable Mayor Francis Slay speak at 12:15.

The All Species Parade is an opportunity to connect with the arts while renewing our commitment to the planet and all of our co-inhabitants. As the Earth Day Proclamation from the Honorable Mayor Francis G. Slay describes, “the All Species Parade, part of the Earth Day Festival in St. Louis celebrates the importance of all species of flora and fauna; and whereas, I encourage all citizens to take this opportunity to learn about respect and celebrate our connection to life on earth and to take measures to give back on Earth Day and every day.”

The St. Louis Bicycle Brigade at the 2012 Festival.

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