Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza

by Jeanette on December 16, 2011

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A special spring cleaning event for all of your hard-to-recycle household items.

This event has passed – to read about the impact, you can check out our 2012 REX! Report. Start saving your hard-to-recycle items for the 2013 Recycling Extravaganza, happening in conjunction with the St. Louis Earth Day Festival (04.21.13) .

REX 2012

The Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza will be accepting your hard-to-recycle items from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the St. Louis Community College Forest Park campus parking lot, off Oakland Ave, on Sunday, April 21st.

Take this opportunity to make your personal space AND the environment a bit cleaner and a bit neater, while sending your idle items on a journey to find new purpose. In addition to helping the environment, your donated materials will also be supporting the programs of numerous non-profits, including St. Louis Earth Day. So, grab a pair of gloves, maybe a mask—and attack that attic!

Some people go to the drive-through to get fast food, but you’ll be driving through the collection event, dropping off recyclables. Please plan your experience by separating your donation by the organization/business that will be accepting your specific items. This will help keep up with the traffic flow of drop-offs through the STLCC parking lot.

After your car is purged of spring cleaning debris, leave it at STLCC and catch a ride to the Festival via a free shuttle service, provided by the St. Louis Lambert International Airport biodiesel bus and Super Park compressed natural gas (CNG) bus. The shuttle service will be available between 10:30am and 6:30pm and will leave every 15 minutes on the hour.

Below is a list of the organizations and businesses who participated in 2012, as well as a comprehensive list of what items will likely be accepted at the 2013 collection event:

1. St. Louis Earth Day

Base of operations for staff and volunteers of REX.

2. St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc

Items Collected: Children’s Books | Teachers’ Posters and Games | Buttons | Costume Jewelry | Wine Corks | Artist Paint Brushes | Children’s Scissors

3. UpCycle Exchange

Items Collected: Fabric (any type of yardage, vintage linens, decorator samples), along with sewing supplies, fasteners, trims, notions | Yarn, knitting, crochet & spinning supplies | Jewelry & findings: vintage, broken & mismatched, costume | Wine corks | Jars & Wine Bottles: clean, empty

4. Making Music Matters

Items Collected: Guitars | Violins | Pianos | Drum Sets | Amplifiers | Trumpets | Other musical instruments | All working or non-working | Volunteers to teach music! | Some donations will benefit Sheldon Concert Hall’s Music for Lifelong Achievement program

5. Ameren Missouri

Items Collected: CFL light bulbs (new-style)

6. The Luminary Center for The Arts

Items Collected: Printer Ink Cartridges

7. Trex Recycling

Items Collected: Plastic Bags | #2 HDPE Plastic: grocery bags, shopping bags (NO hard plastic or string), produce bags, newspaper sleeves, toilet paper bags, clear trash liners | #4 LDPE Plastic: stretch film/shrink wrap, department store bags, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, wrapping for water/soda cases, Ziploc bags, bread bags, mattress bags, ice bags, garment/clothing bags, clear trash bags | NO frozen food bags | NO clips or ties | Everything must be CLEAN and DRY

8. Covidien


9. DEA Drug Take Back Initiative

Items Collected: Expired, unwanted, or unused Pharmaceutical Controlled Substances | Prescription medications | Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Vitamins, Supplements | NO illicit or illegal substances or needles collected |  Collection is anonymous, no records are kept, no ID required

10. Shoeman Water Projects

Items Collected: Shoes (new and gently used) | Cell Phones (new and gently used)

11. USAgain

Items Collected: Clothing | New & Used Clothing | Clothing for all ages | Toys & Stuffed Animals | Towels, Bedding, Drapes, Scarves, and other textiles | Bric-a-brac

12. St. Louis BWorks

Items Collected: Bicycles | Working bicycle parts | Bicycle equipment & tools | Overflow computers and computer parts from MRC will go to St. Louis BWorks

13. St. Louis Composting

Items Collected: Scrap wood – untreated/not painted | Compostables | Drywall – untreated/not painted | Yard waste

14. Eye on Design

Items Collected: Roller shades  |  Blinds (horizontal & vertical) – functional & non-functional  |  Drapery rods – functional & non-functional  |  Window treatments (gently used)  |  Drapery panels (gently used)

15. Executive Personal Computers (EPC)

Items Collected: Styrofoam / Expanded Polystyrene (EPS or expanded #4, #5 plastics) | Food package foam, packing foam, foam containers, molded foam — any color, MUST BE CLEAN!

16. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis – ReStore

Items Collected: Building & Construction Materials | Household Supplies (sinks, doors, light fixtures, toilets, etc.) | Anything you might find in a hardware store

17. Flooring Systems, Inc.

Items Collected: Carpet – residential, commercial | Carpet pads | Tile

18. Midwest Recycling Center (MRC)

Items Collected: Appliances – functioning & non-functioning, large & small | TVs/monitors (limit 4/household), computers & parts, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronics, etc. | Rechargeable batteries | Extension cords & Holiday light strands | VHS tapes & Audio cassettes | Overflow computers and computer parts from MRC will go to St. Louis BWorks | Anything with a cord!


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