2011 ROG season in review.

by Jeanette on October 18, 2011

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The 2011 season has been our best yet for Recycling On the Go! We were able to improve our event-greening strategies at multiple events, expand our presence to new community events, and we had a stellar ROG team that made all our success possible!

In the spring, we were able to hire an Event Site Manager, whom you met in our June newsletterBill Parmentier; thanks to funding support from the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and St. Louis Composting. Bill has done an excellent job of meeting the goals for the program, all with his signature humor and hard work.

The ROG season was also enhanced by a fabulous Site Staff team. The team is passionate about what they do and have gone the extra mile in learning more about the recycling and composting industry in St. Louis. You can meet the team on our flickr page, where snaps from our events have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Our service was available on 147 event days and experienced by over 1 million people at 58 large festivals, community events, charity functions and celebrations! We diverted 43 tons of mixed recyclables, organic waste and compostable  food service items and spent cooking oil! That means that instead of releasing harmful toxins and gases into the ground, water and atmosphere, these materials were sent to facilities where they are being processed into a second use.

To learn more about our program, or to request services for your upcoming event, visit our Recycling On the Go page.

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