Taste of Green

It went so well last year, we will be doing it again! The event will be held October 26th from 6-9 pm.

Through our innovative and award winning programs we empower those wishing to do more accomplish their goals. Restaurants contact the Green Dining Alliance to learn how to reduce the impacts of their operations. Event organizers ask for us to be at their events, not to collect trash, but to educate attendees about waste reduction and diversion. Groups come to us for small grants to get their sustainability projects off the ground. We are a resource and have the tools to help YOU make St. Louis greener!

As an independent nonprofit organization, all of St. Louis Earth Day’s programs, services, and events are provided at or below our cost, for the benefit of our mission and community. We rely on donor support to make programs like Recycling On the Go and the Green Dining Alliance possible, and to keep the annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival free for all to enjoy!